These are some principles I taught my students or my students taught me about life. It amazes me what we learn from others as we live day-to-day. Maybe they will help you in some way this afternoon… I have to remind myself of them constantly. 

1. You have dreams and goals for a reason. Don’t listen to the voices holding you back from achieving these.

2. It is always better to give than to receive. Also, when you give you will get something greater in return. 

3. Life is never easy. You’re shaped and defined by how you handle or overcome obstacles. 

4. If it’s not done in love, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. 

5. Love is the answer. It is patient. It is kind.

6. Everyone puts their pants on just like you do. No one is greater than the other. 

7. Your grades don’t define you. Your pursuit of success (doing your best) will. 

8. You will never know it all or have it all figured out. Life is a big picture that you can’t fully understand on this side of the sun. 

9. Always living in the “now” will hold you back from the future. Don’t let circumstances determine everything you know to be fact and good. 

10. Jesus was and is real. The Gospel is true. He has overcome the darkness and is bringing us into the light. What’s there really to worry about? 

Am I missing anything that you would add? What are some principles that help guide you in life? 

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English/Reading Assignments: September 4th- September 7th

September 4th- September 7th

**There is no homework this week

Monday: Labor Day (no school)

Tuesday: “A grade will never define me” Writing Piece

Wednesday: Reading from C.S Lewis on friendship and trust. Look in the mirror and what do I see…

Thursday: Complete the mirror writing on trust. Learn about the history of the The Chronicles of Narnia by reading.

Friday: Truth is, I love to read and write and I just don’t know it…



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English/Reading Assignments: August 27th-August 31st

August 26th-August 31

Monday: How to really read a timeline. No Homework!

Tuesday: The Timeline of C.S. Lewis. Complete the timeline!

Wednesday: What’s a Diagram?/The Cause and the Effect. No Homework!

Thursday: What’s your cause? What’s your effect? No Homework!

Friday: Library Day and group activity. No Homework!


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English/Reading Class: August 20th-August 25th

August 20: Building on our rough draft of autobiography (I am, I will be, I must…)
August 21: Finish and edit (capitalization, comma, punctuation) rough draft autobiography
August 22: Create masterpiece of final product
August 23: Incorporating your writing with art to enhance your purpose
August 24: “Purpose of Non Fictional Text: A Study of C.S Lewis”

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Live to Learn and Learn t…

Live to Learn and Learn to Live





I hope this message finds you well. The Howlers team is off to an extraordinary start this year. Your teachers are so grateful for the character that the students have been displaying since the beginning of school. We are overwhelmed by how attentive and willing this pack truly is. The community of our team has been developing since day one—anyone can feel it as soon as they walk in our classrooms. Our hearts are big, our minds are open, and we’re willing to try because we know we have a family there to pick us up if anyone of us falls. This seems rare these days but yet so crucial to any environment that our children are in.

This is the beginning stages of our website. On this site, you will be able to find updates, assignments, and some things that we are doing in class. If you feel like you have any ideas to share with us then feel free to! Email anyone of the Howler’s teachers at any time, and we will respond accordingly. Thank you for letting us be a part of the life and education of your children. It is an honor that we don’t take lightly.

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Mr. Hester’s Homeroom

Mr. Hester's Homeroom

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